Book One in the Watertongue Series
Wisdom and Folly
By Ned Erikson and Rick Newell

Wisdom and Folly follows Mariel Woods on an epic journey through a pre-history world of saber-toothed lions, giant short-faced bears, woolly mammoths, and Sasquatches where she joins a small band of ancient warriors sent to protect a mysterious tree from falling into the hands of a Drachma named Pannok. In the end, Mariel learns a strange truth about herself that leaves her with more questions than answers, but also with a purpose that hints to a future both terrifying and tantalizing. All that is required is trust in an ancient magic called “wisdom and folly.” Which one is it? Wisdom? Folly? What if it’s both?

Awake, O Sleeper,
Awake and arise from your slumber
The end of the age is upon us.
Listen, Beloved,To the song of the universe.
Words that were sung from the beginning
Words that must one day come to pass
For the seed that contains a multitude rests on these.