Water Tongue is found written in four basic forms (see below). The regular form (1st below) is found in the greatest abundance and was used in all aspects of daily life. Water Tongue formal form (2nd below) was used for special occasions like weddings and for decoration. The informal form (3rd below) was used in hurried informal writings. Oldest of all the forms is the orginal form (4th below) but use of the form appears to have waned. Its style resembles a waterfall and seems to have carried some religious or spiritual value.

i_love_you_regular i_love_you_formal i_love_you_informal i_love_you_original








Water Tongue has three form structures, also called pyes, that all words are based off of. Two are referred to as the Hope and Fear pyes but there appearded to be some controversy surrounding the third: LoveTruth or Joy.